Best Equine Hotel & Spa in Hot Springs

At Equitation's Unlimited LLC, hotel & spa should deliver the best quality service for your beloved horse - and as such, our horse care services are aimed at ensuring your animal has a healthy, strong, and long life. At the Hot Springs facilities, Equitations Unlimited provides horses with wonderful massages, clean-up, nebulizer, and even magnawave treatments are available that will pamper and nurish them for a relaxing and enjoyable experience in their stay with us. This small business service is a start up and our barn is a little dated but our facility is gated, secure, and safe. After a long trail riding week end in the national forest drop the horses and trailers here and go to town and enjoy all that Hot Springs has to offer. Services and prices greatly vary so get in touch on (501) 286 2757 for more inquiries and information.

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